Dr. Yvonne Waterman is highly specialised in two legal fields: employers’ liability law (her Ph.D. topic) and in particular anything asbestos related, both legal and non-legal, ranging from personal injury law and product liability law to product innovation and raising awareness.

Working independently as Waterman Legal Consultancy since 2008, she has become recognised for her expertise, commitment and discretion as a jurist, author, lecturer and editor. She is also a very experienced, respected public speaker with many conference presentations and speeches in three continents over two decades to her name. Her international network of asbestos professionals, focused on asbestos professionals, is extensive, global and unique in the world, truly across borders and sectors. You may find many references of her work on her LinkedIn page.

In 2014, she founded the European Asbestos Forum foundation (EAF), which aims to increase asbestos awareness in professionals and thereby eradicate asbestos and prevent new asbestos exposures. As President of the EAF, she takes particular interest in sharing the state of the art knowledge and innovation on asbestos. See www.europeanasbestosforum.org. Since its inception, the EAF has hosted a number of highly regarded international conferences on frontier topics, attended by a wide variety of global top specialists. In 2019, she became a Member of FAAM. In 2020, she became the second president of the Dutch foundation Expertise Center for Asbestos & Fibres (St. ECAV).

If you wish to contact Dr. Waterman, feel free to write an email to waterman@watermanlegal.nl or to call her mobile phone at 0031-6-819 189 43.



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